Fees and Payments

There is never a charge to new clients for your first 30 minute consultation.

Attorney Simpson will work with you to establish a fee arrangement you can afford.  Mr. Simpson charges by the hour for his time.  Thus, your total cost will normally depend on the number of hours your case requires.  In some situations, however, Attorney Simpson may agree to accept a fixed or contingent fee for his services.  The fee arrangement applicable to your case will be specified in a client retainer agreement before you become a client.  You will not be considered a client until you sign the agreement.

Payment in advance of a retainer amount sufficient to cover each phase of representation is required unless otherwise stated in your retainer agreement.  Any unearned portion of your advance payment will be refunded to you at the conclusion of your case.  You will receive invoices which itemize the services provided, amounts received and payments due.  Amounts due must be paid within 14 days.  

Attorney Simpson accepts payments by check,  PayPalVenmoCash App,  Zelle  and  Credit Card.   

Please call (207) 200-5565 if you have questions.